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Simply Lovable™ Card Deck & Companion Workbook

Simply Lovable™ Card Deck & Companion Workbook

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 Uncover the Power of Self-Love with the Simply Lovable™ Duo 

Ask yourself: Do your friends and family say you’re the kindest, most loving person they know, only for you to never feel that love and care in reality? 

Are you saying “yes” to everyone, seeking outside approval and validation, but still going to bed unfulfilled each night? 

Is your plate so full that doing something nice for yourself is just off the table? 

If you’ve been nodding your head “YES,” then it’s time to turn that energy inward and begin your journey of self-love. 

See, all too often, we don’t treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated because we’ve put our happiness and value in the hands of others. But it belongs to US. The Simply Lovable™ Companion Workbook is here to help you reclaim your power and discover the love waiting inside of you. 

Designed as a companion to the Simply Lovable™ Card Deck, this workbook is full of self-paced exercises and prompts that are crafted to uncover your deepest desires and needs, heal emotional wounds and build a healthier loving relationship with yourself. 

Through this workbook, you’ll master: 

Self-Discovery: Take the time to learn more about who you really are, what you want and what you need 

Self-Care: Learn how to give yourself the things you need to feel healthy, happy and fulfilled every day 

Self-Love: Honor the person you are with positive thoughts, actions and relationships 

Simply Lovable™ Activities: Support your journey with easy activities that give you a boost 

Along with the Simply Lovable™ Card Deck, this workbook will open up a world of self-confidence and compassion where you’ll feel the love you deserve. 


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