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Simply Lovable™ Bundle

Simply Lovable™ Bundle

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Invest in yourself and develop the skills you need to thrive with the Simply Lovable™ Bundle. This all-in-one set includes the Card Deck, Notebook Collection, and Companion Workbook will help you establish healthy boundaries and reclaim your power through self-work. Whether you are stuck in a rut, feel distanced from yourself, or are wondering how to heal from childhood trauma, spending time dedicated to your relationship with yourself is a must. You are a unique individual, and you deserve a healthy bond with yourself.

What's Included:

Simply Lovable™ Card Deck

On the surface, it looks like you’ve got it all together. You’ve got a career, a family, people you love and a life you’re proud of. From the outside looking in, it seems like you have it all figured out.

But behind the scenes, you’re at war with your own mind ... comparing yourself to others, harshly critiquing every mistake you make and sacrificing the things you really want. Not to mention, you constantly find yourself putting everyone else first – leaving you with little to no time to prioritize your own dreams, goals and desires.

Yet, you still have the power to navigate your way to a breakthrough with the help of the Simply Lovable™ Card Deck. Packed with a series of thought-invoking questions and uplifting affirmations, this card deck will show you how to develop your own definition of self-love.

And as you journey through the ins and outs of self-discovery, you’ll also begin to see yourself in a new light – one that allows you to build confidence in who you are and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.

With this card deck, you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop healthy boundaries that allow you to show love to others while still making yourself a priority

  • Find a more confident, loving version of yourself

  • Accept and love who you really are without any guilt or shame

  • Understand the cause of your challenges so you can heal and grow from them

You deserve so much more than what you’re allowing yourself to receive. Change that today by kickstarting your life-changing journey of self-love and discovery.


Simply Lovable™ Companion Workbook

Ask yourself: Do your friends and family say you’re the kindest, most loving person they know, only for you to never feel that love and care in reality?

Are you saying “YES” to everyone, seeking outside approval and validation, but still going to bed unfulfilled each night?

Is your plate so full that doing something nice for yourself is just off the table?

If you’ve been nodding your head “YES,” then it’s time to turn that energy inward and begin your journey of self-love.

See, all too often, we don’t treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated because we’ve put our happiness and value in the hands of others. But it belongs to US. The Simply Lovable™ Companion Workbook is here to help you reclaim your power and discover the love waiting inside of you.

Designed as a companion to the Simply Lovable™ Card Deck, this workbook is full of self-paced exercises and prompts that are crafted to uncover your deepest desires and needs, heal emotional wounds and build a healthier loving relationship with yourself.

Through this workbook, you’ll master:

  • Self-Discovery: Take the time to learn more about who you really are, what you want and what you need

  • Self-Care: Learn how to give yourself the things you need to feel healthy, happy and fulfilled every day

  • Self-Love: Honor the person you are with positive thoughts, actions and relationships

  • Simply Lovable™ Activities: Support your journey with easy activities that give you a boost


Simply Lovable™ Notebook Collection

If you're looking for a way to improve your mood, keep track of your progress, and work through your emotions, journaling is the perfect activity for you! When you put your thoughts and feelings onto paper, it can help clarify what you want and need while providing a physical record of your progress. You might be surprised at how clearly things come into focus when you see them on paper.

Journaling is also an incredibly effective self-help tool for managing and reducing stress and anxiety, and research has shown that journaling can improve mental health outcomes. This is because journaling provides an outlet for your thoughts and emotions, and supports the practice of positive self-talk. And one of the great benefits of journaling is that it can be done anywhere, at any time, making it a highly convenient way to improve your mental well-being.

The Simply Lovable™ Notebook Collection is perfect for anyone who wants to be organized and prepared. The spiral binding and durability make the notebooks ideal for tossing in your bag or purse, and the set of four means you can always have one handy in the home, at work, and even on the go. 

The Simply Lovable™ Notebook Collection includes: 

  • Simply Lovable™ "Endless Opportunities" Green Design Notebook 
  • Simply Lovable™ "I Am Proud of Myself" Pink Notebook 

  • Simply Lovable™ "I Am Proud of Myself" Purple Notebook 

  • Simply Lovable™ "Blossoming" Watercolor Design Notebook 

Owning the Simply Lovable™ Notebook Collection will ensure that you'll never miss a beat. Plus, notebooks make great gifts for friends and family members who are always jotting down their next big idea.


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